Our Offer

Standard Offer
D’ARTS standard wallcovering offer makes ordering easy. Simply select a design as it appears in our PDF catalogue and choose either 10ft high or 8ft high panels, then calculate the number of panels required. We can help you with the calculation and we do the rest. Our Lead time is just 2-3weeks and sampling is available on request,
Customised Offer
D’ARTS Custom-made wallcovering offer ensures a perfect fit, scale, colour and material for a scheme.  We offer: Custom design to fit your walls; re-scale of pattern to perfectly fit your room dimensions; customised pattern to suit your taste e.g. add, remove or replace flower or birds; and custom colouring is available to perfectly match your colour scheme.
D’ARTS can also transfer customer's own designs into beautiful wallcoverings using our many years of expertise and modern UK based manufacturing facility. Either working with your signature design or developing something from scratch with our design team, you will soon be able to compliment your collection with your own unique brand of luxurious wallcoverings.

About Us


Our beautiful and timeless designs are inspired by traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese artistic culture. D’ARTS delicately interprets the splendour of traditional chinoiserie designs into contemporary patterns and scenes. Chinoiserie designs are based on Chinese and Eastern decoration which became popular in the western world in the 18th and 19th centuries. Historically, birds and flowers are the most popular motifs in the decorative art of chinoiserie and these are reflected in our designs of today. Our wall coverings are designed to suit both traditional and contemporary settings.


Our Story

David Qian has been creating distinctive custom wallcoverings for over 20 years. Initially following the ancient art of hand painting wallpaper David soon realised his ambition to modernise the process and created D’ARTS in 2008.

D’ARTS design and print contemporary chinoiserie wall coverings, with an emphasis on quality and the ability to customise both design and colour. Beautiful scenic designs, murals and contemporary repeating patterns are designed and printed in our studio in the UK.

We print on a wide variety of materials such as paper, sanded paper, silk, gilded metallic, grass cloth, arrowroot, linen and vinyl. And offer a wealth of specialist finishes including antiquing, aging, gilding, lacquering, embroidery, distressing and pearlising.

D’ARTS help you to create unique interiors with beautiful, distinctive custom wall coverings to fit your scheme. Our wall coverings are suitable for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.




D’ARTS is committed to producing wall coverings in a sustainable manner, offering a wide variety of natural materials to print on, including paper, sanded paper, woven paper, grass cloth, arrowroot and linen. Where possible we source our materials locally and recycle, including recycling our cardboard and paper packaging materials. We predominantly produce made to order, so our wastage is minimal. Excess materials are donated to local schools and charities. All our wall coverings are designed & printed in the UK.