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Specialised Printed Wallpapers. Customisable on a rich selection of substrates

Our Service

For Scenic wallpaper patterns we can take any room and adapt the layout according to your needs
Through digital printing it is possible to customise scale, patterns and design layouts. We work with you to adapt to your design schemes
There is a large choice of colours, materials, substrates and finishes to choose from. Colours can be customised to match your interior design scheme.

About Us

Our Story

David moved to HK in 1999 & started his own enterprise making hand painted wallpaper, fabric, home accessories.

After many years of hand painting he saw an opportunity to contemporaries this ancient tradition into printing, creating D’arts in 2008, which focuses on high quality and customised printing.

In 2010, we set up a new brand DARTS of digital printing scenic, mural and wallpaper. , design and produce digital printing wallpaper. For both residential, commercial and hospitality projects.



Inspired from hand painted art, originally from paintings, embroidered silks, screens and porcelains, these are now exquisitely recreated for decorative wallpaper. Until now, exclusively hand painted, we now also offer specialised printed designs from the golden ages of Chinese culture that bring a unique and rich ethnic style through timeless heritage design patterns.

Inspired by Asian artistic culture, D’Arts also uses decorative motifs to evoke spiritual philosophies based on traditional Chinese culture and East Asian

These designs are always in demand and truly timeless.


How To

Order through our stock lists, sales agents or contact us to see our collections and enquire for samples:

Product specifications: Wall papers come in panels of  3 feet or 914mm wide by varying heights of 6′(1.8m), 8′(2.4m), 10′(3m & 12′(3.6m)