In a beautiful place called Butterfly Valley, in Yun Nan, there are many kinds of butterfly. A symbol of grace, love and transformation, the butterfly is related to one of China’s best-known folk tales, Laing Zhu, which tells the tale of two Chinese lovers set in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. This legend can be regarded as an Eastern equivalent to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The pattern depicts the serene butterflies flying gracefully and liberally creating a sense of gentle movement as they pass by.

D’Arts Standard Panel offer: 8ft high panel or 10ft high panel printed in standard colours on standard material. All panels are 3ft (0.915m) wide.

Custom work is available for additional charges, including: Custom Fit (design to fit round windows & doors etc), Custom Re-scale (to fit high or low ceilings), Custom Design Pattern (add, remove or replace birds or flowers), Custom Material (change material to be printed on) and Custom Colour (change background colour and or pattern colour).