Giant Arundinaria grasses and bamboo grow gracefully if somewhat chaotically in this beautiful scene. The delicate foliage tumbles down from above. Well balanced the composition is full of gentle life, the organic canes symbolising the virtues of flexibility and strength so we may find balance and inner peace. Designed to fit both contemporary and traditional settings. Beautiful in natural, rich and monochromatic colour schemes.

D’Arts Standard Panel offer: 8ft high panel or 10ft high panel printed in standard colours on standard material. All panels are 3ft (0.915m) wide.

Custom work is available for additional charges, including: Custom Fit (design to fit round windows & doors etc), Custom Re-scale (to fit high or low ceilings), Custom Design Pattern (add, remove or replace birds or flowers), Custom Material (change material to be printed on) and Custom Colour (change background colour and or pattern colour).