SuZhou Garden

An authentic collection of beautiful traditional scenic wall papers that transport us back, 2000 years to Suzhou’s scholarly gardens, which are the most refined forms of garden art. These are the popular 18th century, European where Chinoiserie hand painted silk paper originated for wall coverings. While classic they were made for European tastes of the time, like the porcelains and fabrics from the same period. They evoke a time period where western and eastern cultures mixed to create the most beautiful interior designs that graced palaces throughout Europe. Colours are traditional, soft not shiny and are updated by printing on grass cloth & sanded paper. These designs are always in demand and truly timeless.

Lion Grove Garden

The design has 6 continuous panels with no repetition of design elements, allowing for a continuous scene of 18 lineal feet.  The first panel of the design can always match the last panel, to cover a longer wall size more than 18 feet. The design offered 5 colorways, custom colouring is available.

Click the picture to see the design in full panel, To view the full 6 panels design layout, please contact us or our representatives