A stunning representation of an elaborate garden in full bloom with hanging fruits and, splendid peacock and peahen both symbols of dignity and beauty. This bird was a symbol of the Ming dynasty, and with its tail of 100 eyes is also associated with the goddess Guan Yin, in this sense representing protection and kindness. The ancient Chinese silkie chicken stands proud in the foreground whilst other exotic birds and butterflies complete the scene.

D’Arts Standard Panel offer: 8ft high panel or 10ft high panel printed in standard colours on standard material. All panels are 3ft (0.915m) wide.

Custom work is available for additional charges, including: Custom Fit (design to fit round windows & doors etc), Custom Re-scale (to fit high or low ceilings), Custom Design Pattern (add, remove or replace birds or flowers), Custom Material (change material to be printed on) and Custom Colour (change background colour and or pattern colour).