Summer Palace

Summer Palace is a portal through time to a peaceful, elegant life infused with ancient philosophy. The traditional and famous scenes as depicted in the collections are of sublime nature; owners, birds and trees are true to the thousand-year-old Song and Tang dynasty works of art. Originally from paintings, embroidered silks, screens and porcelains, these are now exquisitely recreated for decorative wallpaper. Until now, exclusively hand painted, we now also our specialised printed designs from the golden ages of Chinese culture that bring a unique and rich ethnic style through timeless heritage design patterns.

Salon des Nobles

• A tropical botanical garden scene with roosters, representing reliability, protection and advancement and a beautiful peacock, representing dignity and fame, siting on branches, (not shown on this panel).

• This wonderful design was digital printed, offered 8 colorways. The design consist of 6 non repeat panels, compares favour-ally with Chinese export wallpaper from 19th century, which was hand painted only.

The design has 6 continuous panels with no repetition of design elements, allowing for a continuous scene of 18 lineal feet.  The first panel of the design can always match the last panel, to cover a longer wall size more than 18 feet. The design offered 5 colorways, custom colouring is available.

Click the picture to see the design in full panel, To view the full 6 panels design layout, please contact us or our representatives