Xanadu’s repeat wallpaper pattern are reminiscent of 18th century European palaces. Inspired by traditional Chinoiserie with a more modern western style. Popular in 18th century Europe, chinoiserie decorative arts were extremely fashionable, also evocative of this time, was repeat pattern wallpaper. Xanadu’s motifs derive from these porcelain, silk and lacquerware objects of desire that were imported from China and Japan, as expressed in the the collections Buttery Valley, Countryside, Go on a Journey and Birds Twitter. Though the use of decorative iconography, such as Goldfish, Buttery and Peacock, Xanadu plays with scale and repeat patterns as well as colour, to create a contemporary international collection that are in high demand and leave a lasting impression


The design has 6 continuous panels with no repetition of design elements, allowing for a continuous scene of 18 lineal feet.  The first panel of the design can always match the last panel, to cover a longer wall size more than 18 feet. The design offered 5 colorways, custom colouring is available.

Click the picture to see the design in full panel, To view the full 6 panels design layout, please contact us or our representatives